Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wednesday Day 10 Wicked!

Here we are on the hiking trail called Hole in the Rock, you will see why soon...

The cactus is beautiful blooming out here now.

Here it is, Kellie with the yellow jacket is standing in the middle of Hole in the Rock as I attempt to climb in the hole.

Woo Hoo, I made it! It was like a cave with two openings and a wonderful breeze that blew through it.

Here we are walking back. You can't imagine how high up this was. This pic doesn't even show all the rock.

Kickboxing: A Wednesday with Sharon favorite:P

Napping after kickboxing...

Muslei breakfast with fruits and nuts.

Salad and carrot soup

Caesar salad pizza, to die for!!!

Dinner was wonderful for a meat and tators girl like me. This was the closest thing we have gotten to a steak and roasted potatos. I ordered ketchup, it was like a dream come true!

Yes we've had them before but they are the stars of the Wednesday menu. Choc covered strawberries:)

Well guys it was a trip to Target for some much needed smaller pants and various other small things or blogging. Sorry but Target won out. So I'm catching up on Thursday night. We will see if I get it all on. Wednesday is one of the hardest days here. Middle of the week and people are so exhausted and can barely walk. Hole in the Rock was awesome. Classes were tough. We had a core class, kickboxing and H2O Circuit. Food was good. As usual and we took some much needed time for the four of us girlfriends to unwind with some emotional therapy on the new pool furniture, while skipping gym class! Opps...oh well, none of us had skipped one class since we arrived last Monday so we deserved it. The great thing about this place is you don't only drop the weight, you get rid of the emotional baggage too. Things you wouldn't even believe that are holding you back from living the life you want to live. I haven't talked about it yet, because I'm still wondering if it's even true. I have cut all my diabetes medicine in half!!!! Yes, the morning and evening meds BOTH!! It looks like I might be able to get off them all together. I'm happy for the lost lbs. but nothing can compare to that. It was one of the main reasons I came out here. But I can't tell you how amazing it is. I don't have words for the wonderful friends I have met here. Friends that never have a negative word to say (cause it's forbidden) who cheer you on every step of the way. I am so happy here, learning to be strong and become an athlete. If you ever have the chance to come, there shouldn't be a doubt in your mind. This place changes lives.


  1. So happy you could cut your diabetes meds in half! Way to go, girl! You look mah-ve-lous!

  2. I am so excited for you--you are looking great! Keep it up and learn all you can as we need classes with Dawn at the Edge when you get home. Luv U, Cindalu