Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wednesday - Day 17

Check out the most amazing view ever! Red Mountain Trail Hike. Not much to look at on the way up, but the best view of West Canyon ever!

This view shows it even better.

Woo Hoo We made it to the top!

Getting stronger:)

OK so I was a little over confident about the inches I had lost! Great pic though. LOL! I really was able to fit through with a little manuvering and everybody got a good laugh:)

Susan thinking of ending it all...until she realized this was the day to go to Target. She quickly regained her composure and headed to the van!

By now I've been here so long we are starting to see some repeats on the menu. We don't mind though.

PB&J Panini with fruit and apricot preserves.

Parsnip soup - a new one and very tasty.

BBQ chicken pizza, sorry chef, mine's better;)

Grilled Salmon with ww orzo and veggies.

Forgot to take a pic of the dessert, but it was just a fruit skewer with raspberry reduction. Really refreshing though.

Well I made it through my classes today which included kickboxing, mountain, and circuit. We had a great hike. I find that now that I've been here for a while and I'm starting to get fit, it's harder to get a good calorie burn. My metabolism pretty much stinks so eating less and working out more is going to be my only option when I get home. I'm OK with that now that I know the great recipes (you can get Chef's two cookbooks for $56 shipped right to your door) and I know that Mountain and Treading classes are two of my favorites. I have also learned that hiking is one of my favorite outdoor things to do.

I am already sad to loose most of my buddies this Sunday. There are very few of us that started together that will still be here. I think like four or so. I will get a new roomie next week as Cheryl is only staying one week.

If you have run out of steam this week, just get out there and push yourself. I can't believe how strong I am. I have made it though all kinds of rough stuff and and am still kicking. YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK AND YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE YOURSELF!!!!!!

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