Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tired Tuesday - Day 9

The best hiking group ever!!! All of my buds on one van, who could ask for anything more?

Total toning totally stinks LOL No really, I can't feel my abs!

We got new pool furniture. It was quite exciting; They did a photo shoot and everything. Then we all felt so Fitness Ridge Malibu!!!

These are the new lounge chairs. They adjust and are upolstered leatherette.

The company that sold them came out and did a photo shoot.

All hail Biggest Loser;)

Makin it to the top of Hidden Pinion. Quite a feat!

Hilda beat us up there.

Reg's Angels (he's the only guy on our van)

That's the top and we are tired!

Made it to the overlook.

Susan giving Reg a gentle nudge.

You can make it Julieann.

Woo Hoo! Climbed Stair Mistress again today. I look so sad with my two size too big clothes on. Signed up for Target van on Wednesday though.

Stairmistress from the bottom.

Me and Julieann, so glad she got to add another week. Now I only have to be here one week without her.

Banana muffin. Looked and smelled yummy, but I thought it would be too wimpy so I got the eggs and toast.

Cauliflower soup, much better than it sounds. Chef puts some coconut milk in it.

Chicken salad with apple salad. I got the tuna instead. This is lovely EJ's meal:0

The meatloaf. Made with turkey and to die for.

Here it is Crystal. That dessert you asked me about. First time it has ever been served at the Ridge. Creamy tofu and apricot goo on a baked flour tortilla with cinnamon sugar and raspberries.

Quite a lot of pics for today. I tried to get more of my friends in the shots and I will try to take some of the gym classes, but we are always pushing in there. Hike was really hard this morning. I love my group though. Can't wait to see what we do tomorrow. It's 6:30 and I'm headed to bed. Exhausted and sore all over!


  1. All of that food looks wonderful! Is there a book with these recipes that we can purchase??? :) yum!

  2. And you look marvelous!!! Keep up the good work girl! You are inspiring!!

  3. You guys look great! LUV the new furniture!

  4. Lookin good, Dawn! I can tell your clothes are a couple of sizes bigger on you now! Great work!

    The new furniture is fabulous! Looks very comfy - good for resting after those long hikes!

    Keep up the good work!