Monday, May 23, 2011

Made It Through Monday!

John one of our hiking guides and I after making it all the way up to Paradise Rim

We hiked up this mountain, started from almost the bottom where the town is!!!

Me at the top soooo hot and sweaty:)

Dinner tonight of grilled chicken, with asparagus and mashed sweet potatos. We had choc. covered orange slices for dessert! Sorry no pic.

Lunch was delicious! Tuna salad with mixed greens sweet potato and green beans and a artichoke heart, kalamata olive and sweet red pepper relish!

Never heard of a sunchoke, but those little boogers make a great soup!

Breakfast was yummy: Eggs, turkey bacon cheese and a flat bun with mixed fresh fruit.

Menu board from today

Dessert from Sunday night

Supper from Sunday night. Quinoa with veggie stuffed chicken breast and tomato sauce and brocoli.

Menu board from Sunday night.

So they are feeding us very well and the staff is great. No complaints from this chickie. Hiked with John this morning. Killer views. We started out slow and then started to climb for about an hour at 45 degrees for an hour! Thought I would die!!! Made it back had breakfast and a class on Budgeting your calories. Then we had a pool class (really fun) Lunch and then three more classes, yes, I said three!!! Circuit, Core, and Pool again. I loved Circuit class, Core was really hard and I had gas so I was trying to hold it in while we laid there with foam blocks between our knees squeezing various parts of our bodies. I didn't want to blow the guy into the wall next to me. When we got to pool class everyone was talking about all the gas they had. So funny! Glad it wasn't only me:) Pool class was my first class taught by Sharon. Everybody says how much they love her here and she did make the class extra fun. All the instuctors are great yelling motivation at you every minute. I started to cry on the treadmill as I ran at 5 miles an hour. I've hardly ever been on one, they make me dizzy, but I DID IT!!! A lady at lunch told us there isn't a gym any closer to her than 2 1/2 hours she commutes it twice a week leaving early in the morning and getting home around 10 pm! She also has to pay gym fees and $35 a week for her trainer on top of that! COMMITMENT!! All of the guests here are so nice. I try to sit with new people each meal so I will meet more peeps. This day has worn me out, but it was so great. It's not even 8 pm here and I'm headed to bed. Talk to you tomorrow:)


  1. Wow, the food looks AHHHMazzzingggggg!! Yum! Wish I were with you there!!! :)

  2. Sounds like an AMAZING experience! I am envious! So proud of you!

    Sounds like you are all GASSED UP and ready to go for tomorrow! Lol!

    Can't wait to hear about tomorrow's escapades!

    Love ya!

  3. Thank you for sending me FB updates. I don't read many blogs, but I so enjoy yours and praying for you as you reach for your goals. Also I love seeing the food photos, gives me healthy ideas for our menu. Keep it up. If Steve needs anything, have him give us a call. Think I will go to bed early too, its been a long day at work trying to catch up after my NYC trip with the girls. Besides, Bailey has EOG testing tomorrow, so I need to get up early to cook a warm breakfast.