Wednesday, July 3, 2013

One year later

I can't believe it's been over a year since I posted here.  I wasn't able to go to Fitness Ridge in the Spring due to a scheduling conflict.  My goat milk soap business has become all consuming and we have begun to take interns from They come from all over the world and in the last year we have had over 35 visit our farm.  They stay for 2 to 6 weeks and one girl who was just awesome will be with us all summer as our farm manager.  The picture is from this spring.  My husband, Steve, and I were headed out to a Comedy Club fundraiser for the arts council.  I will be returning to Fitness Ridge this fall for one week.  My hope is that I will be able to finish my weight loss journey this year.  I have put 8 lbs back on from when I left two years ago, but am happy I have finally learned how to keep it off.  I injured my hips and am unable to run so I have been trying to keep it off by only eating what I know I can.  It's easier with the interns here, since we only go out to eat about one time a week now.  Eating out is what was killing me before!  Thank you for over 11.000 hits on my blog!  I hope to report back in around October and let you know what's going down at the Ridge.  Keep working hard and know that you can do it.  You CAN and you are WORTH IT!