Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday - Day 18

I have a new hero!!! This is Adam and he's awesome. He's with us on his second week and let me tell you he's on fire. He encourages everyone of us. Yesterday he did Stop Sign Hike and cut 25 minutes off his time from the previous week. Today he ran in Treading class on the treadmill. HE RAN!!! Everybody was shouting and cheering for him for a full minute. There were many tears of joy. That's what I love about it here. Everyone encourages everyone. Terrilynn was on the treadmill next to me and she ran at 9.1! I really don't think my legs can go that fast, but ask me how it feels to run at 6.1 mph....BECAUSE I CAN!!!

One of my favorites. Greek Pita and Strawberry salad.

Sunchoke soup. It's made with Jerusalem Artichokes.

Green eggs and bacon sandwich. LOVE that green chili sauce.

June 9th:( Steve's Birthday! I am so missing my family.

Tiffany and some of the girls hangin out between classes.

Lunch Al Fresco with my buds.

Camel Back up close.

Only in Utah would you come around a curve and see a donkey standing in the middle of the road!

Our hiking group this week getting ready to set out for Camel Back Hike!

This is why they call it Camel Back, the two little humps in the very middle. We will be climbing that in the next few pics!

This is called the Vortex. It doesn't look that deep but it's got to be at least 75 ft down! You go down in a spiral shape. Now...the hard part is getting out! Hello! This is Julieann with our hiking guide Kimmie. Julieann was the first brave soul to make it.

These are our shadow pictures! Pretty fun!

Ginette and I decided if Julieann can do it so can we. Kimmie took us down. Sooooo stinkin cool!

Good bye everybody, headed to the top of the camel hump:)

And we made it. Remember how high up this is!

You have to bootie shimmie down. SOOO much fun! We laughed all the way.

Life will be so boring next week without my Julieann.


What will it take to push you to the next level. Stroke, Diabetes, Heart Disease? I came out here because I wanted to change my life. I wanted to see if my body could still learn to be an athlete. Guess what? It's happening. I assumed that you would get to a point where it doesn't hurt anymore. Not true. I assumed it would get to a point where it is easy. Not true. I assumed it would get to a point where you could just do it and it would come naturally. Not true. No matter what fitness level you are at, there is more out there. Harder, Faster, Stronger... All these are things athletes endure every day, no matter if they are just starting out or professionals. It's not something that's been on my radar. Just like anything else in life it has to be something you want every day. You can't leave here and just abandon what you've learned. I have met people who went home and kept up what they learned out here and have done great. I also met people who came back because they didn't get it the first time. Their word of advice. Take it home with you, have a plan, be consistant. And let yourself fail every now and then. It is life after all and we must embrace it. It will be over far too soon.


  1. I agree with that advice! Thanks for the insight!

    About the donkey, do they grown them WILD out there? Haha! Where did it come from?