Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday - Day 15

Went to Target on Sunday and actually got into the size smaller jean shorts!

Beautiful Red Canyons at Wall Street.

These were the pinkish red you don't see often

Really sweatin! This was the hardest hike of all with the advanced team.

Here is the horrible sand we endured up to our ankles.

A pretty rock formation.

Great breakfast sausage mcmuffin, no not from McDs!

Tortilla soup one of my favorites.

Turkey sandwich with apple blueberry salad.

Salisbury steak and veggies.

Cinnnamon crisp with mixed berry goo!

Life isn't HAPPENING to you; It's RESPONDING to you!


Think about that just a minute. How many times do we say in a day: This happened to me. Yes, things do happen, but most of the time it's a result of something in response. I had 36 minutes to think on this during a very grueling Mountain Class this morning. I couldn't think of one thing that it didn't apply to. I wasn't 'responding' very well to the class LOL! But I know this is my third week here and you slow down a bit.

I think I also got bumped up to the Advanced Hiking Team! Six miles round trip of ankle deep sand. Imagine if you will the kind of sand that you walk through at the beach before you come to the compact stuff. We said it would take three arm strengthening classes to make up for the glut workout we got. It's like pedaling super fast on a stationary bike and not going anywhere. But it really makes for a great workout though. I burned 702 calories.

Good thing they had a hefty breakfast when we got back. It was a sausage, egg, and cheese mcmuffin with spinach and tomatoe. The group this week seems quieter than last week. They are hangin back waiting to see what's up. Last week they were fun and loud!

I have a daily challenge to set some goals. Sharon's idea. I set for myself today to 'kill it' on the hike (not sure who got killed: the hike or me) and to take the hard classes. Sometimes we have options. Ours was a life coaching lecture or Mountain. Glad I took Mountain for a 228 cal. burn. Tiffany wants to do dance class for Gym Class today. It's very windy so that's a good idea. We also have Core, Strength Circuit, and H2O Circuit.

My church sent me a gift card for a one hour deep tissue massage and I am so thankful. I have had Mike work me over the last two weeks and he has really saved me from being so sore I couldn't move.

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  1. Dawn,
    Cute shorts! Did you buy them or just take your picture wearing them in the dressing room? Ha! The hike sure looks beautiful and the food looks even better. That's what I miss most...besides all of you...having good food PREPARED FOR ME!! So glad you finally got the salisbury "steak". How was it? Lacey and I rejoined Lifetime Fitness today and worked out....Yeah! I can work out harder than I ever have before. When I get to the point where I would normally give up because it is uncomfortable (i.e., it hurts), I know that I am able to keep going and it gets better. A great lesson...still no real weight loss but the pants I wore last week that were a little tight are falling off of me! Oh..I forgot to ever tell Sharon the story of how I was trying so hard to work hard to impress her in the kickboxing class last week that when I was trying out the "uppercut" I punched myself in the eye. She'd probably enjoy that story. Love and hugs to you all!