Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Still here, life goes on!

Who would have ever imagined my face would be on the cover of my book?!?

So I took some time off in January and February to write a book about our goats, my weight loss, our little farm, and our goat milk soap and bath products business.  It was a long time coming.  I had loads to get off my chest.  I had started the book (two chapters) three years ago on the plane ride to my month long stay at Biggest Loser's Fitness Ridge.  It was a good start, but the last three years have really been the best three years of my life.  The book basically wrote itself!  It's about overcoming a few terrible obstacles in my life and my period of getting it in gear and moving on.  You know, when we purchased Athena, I would have never dreamed that she would change our lives so much for the better.  Since then we have hosted almost 70 college interns on our farm, I have lost 55 lbs and kept it off for three years, my goat milk soap and bath products business has far exceeded my expectations of what a great business it could be, and I have returned for three visits to Fitness Ridge.  This fall 8 of my girlfriends and I will be trying out a new fitness facility in Tennessee.  Tennessee Fitness Spa.  It's a lot closer to me and we want to see what is out there that is more cost effective.  Since I like to recommend places to people I meet from all over the country, I know this would help if they are East Coasters, or just don't have the funds to go to Fitness Ridge.  I'll keep ya posted.  In the mean time if you would like to purchase a copy of the book, go to www.amazon.com and type in The Thankful Goat.  I loaded it up with lots of cool pictures and there's a chapter dedicated to my weight loss journey.  Have a great summer and look for my new book out next Spring called, The Thankful Goat Cooks.  I'm photo journaling some yummy recipes to share with all my peeps out there.