Sunday, June 12, 2011

Friday - Day 19 Back in the 'Saddle' Again!

Here we are after we reached the top of Saddle Hike. This is the hardest hike they do here at Fitness Ridge. We really had to reach deep to pull out this one.

This is what victory looks like. Marge was so afraid of heights and she climbed all the way up and back down again. She was a new woman after that!!!

This was taken from the parking lot if you look to the lowest point of the mtn. range just behind the left of the red bldg. that is Saddle where we went today. Once you get to the top, you must then climb down the other side into Snow Canyon and walk 25 minutes through ankle deep sand to get back to West Canyon, then it's another 20 minutes back to the van!

Our group all fresh and ready to be tormented by our hiking guides.

This is from the top of the canyon looking down. As usual, pictures just don't do it justice. It is really far and really beautiful!

Me, Jenette, and Milynda at the top of the Saddle.

Beautiful red rocks.

This is Fern Gully a whole other hike, but we were there so we got a pic.

Sharon at the fitness lecture. Gave some great tips how to exercise on vacation.

OK so I think I'm missing some meal pics somewhere. I think I had the flimsy berry yogurt with fruit and granola for breakfast, but it was so small and I was so hungry I inhaled it. Sorry, no pic. This is French Onion soup. Very yummy.

This is the Chicken Caesar salad.

Turkey Burger with green beans.

And everyone's favorite: Choc. covered strawberries.

Today was a maniac day!!! Went on the hardest hike they have here. Got back, ate breakfast, took stretch and H2O classes, then lunch, and then the phone call I had been waiting on!!!!! Dr. Reichling's nurse called to tell me that my bloodsugar numbers had been so good that I could go off all my diabetes meds!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooooo happy. So some of you had already heard this and was wondering if I was dead or passed out in a diabetic coma since my blog hasn't been posted for three days! There was speculation, phone calls, messages on my facebook page and discussion on the FR alumni page on facebook. Sorry guys, LOL, I promise to try not to let you down again. I am indeed fine and ready to rock my last week here on the Ridge.

When the afternoon rolled around I was toying with the idea of taking it easy for the afternoon and just doing the easy classes, but the phone call was inspiration to trudge on. I went to Zumba and liked the instructor so much I stayed for the second class. So did Jenny and Cindy. After the third class Jenny and I were showing the instructor moves and we started dancing the hard core stuff. It was awesome. I miss my Zumba instructors back home so much. This girl that taught was from Salt Lake City and has actually seen Kat and Courtney on youtube teaching and was so excited to find out I took from them. Then guess what...yep, we stayed and danced right through the third Zumba class. I felt like I could dance all night! But it was time for dinner;)

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