Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday - Day 13 Got My Groove Back

We went to Anistazie Ridge and saw the petroglyphs. This was one of my favorites. These were done over 1,000 years ago by the Indians native to this area.

Great views of the Santa Clara River from here.

The Red Rock Canyons

Don't mess with us. We are so tough. Missing you already Hilda and Mariecella!

Rodeo Drive goes 'throw down' on the soup. We are so entertainment and oxygen deprived here we have to come up with our own fun;)

Ian brought his guitar and Jeff played for us.

Reg went native and got the tatoo. Wonder what his wife will think? No...he didn't tell her!!

Goodbyes to those I love. My room mate, Julie...

and Dr. Tracy and Micheal....

and Mariecella...

and Carol and Chelsea...

and my Frances. The Tres Compadres. Missing you so bad. Jules and I are own our own now.

Game night, it looks mild mannered now, but you should have seen them two hours later. Maniacs!!!

The board of the day. We were so excited for the Salisbury Steak, but they substituted Chicken and Polenta for it. Oh by the way it would have been turkey Salisbury Steak LOL! No cows were harmed in the making of the meals at Fitness Ridge.

The smoothie looked like it couldn't get me though stretch class so I got the 'Hungry Man' eggs and muffin.

Hawaiian Tacos with fish and pico de gallo made of pineapple.

Chicken and polenta with asparagus.

Saying good-bye on the weekend to wonderful friends is never easy. This week it was especially hard since most of these friends had been here for my whole two weeks. I felt much better since I had gotten over my dehydration so I decided to do Anistazi Ridge an intermediate hike. It was mostly uphill to the ridge and then an easy downhill back. The petraglyphs were awesome. I was homesick again, but still loving being here. Steve sent pics of the deck he had redone and it looks really good. I'm so proud of him. He's cooking and keeping up with everything. I hope he wants me to come home! LOL! We had a couple of easy classes: Stretch and H2O, both with Tiffany! Bonus! Saturdays end after lunch and everyone is very laid back hanging out by the pool, or taking an extra long lunch. It's really a nice day to clean up the room and hang out. We are still having beautiful weather out here. Tomorrow it's suppose to be 95, but drop back in the 80s all week with clear skies. I am looking forward to meeting my new roomie next week. Weigh ins are tomorrow morning.

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  1. Glad to hear you have bounced back to your normal, energetic self! Nothing like a little hydration to make it all better! Also glad to hear there was no harming of any cows in the preparation of the meals. :-)

    Tell Steve that he could come and re-do our deck when he is finished with yours! Haha! Nice to hear he is staying busy and productive while you are gone!

    Take care and keep having fun! I love ya!