Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday - Day 20

OK so the pics are all out of order;) Here we are at bowling. Me and Caron.

More bowling.

Getting ready to take the van to bowling.

Gosh what a horrible pic, but what a yummy breakfast! There's my green chili salsa;)

Here we are on the hike, West Canyon. It was Julieann, Kimmy (one of our hiking guides) and me. So this guy comes flying over us in this dune buggy turned prop plane with a parasail. Too cool. We watched him fly up and down the canyon for so long. I would love to do it.

This is me and my third week roomie, Cheryl. She lives in Maryland and works in D.C.

The triumphant trio, Adam, Mai, and Ian.

Our hiking guides goofing off.

Beautiful scenery of West Canyon.

More of the gorgeous scenery here.

This is across the road from Fitness Ridge. It was a beautiful sunrise.

The sky looked like it was on fire.

Saturday. Not much to report today. We got up and did our West Canyon hike. Came back and took stretch and then laid out of pool class. I had some stuff to do in the room and helped Julieann to pack. Well I talked and she packed. I am really going to miss her. I know there will be new friends arriving tomorrow, but there won't be another Julieann! I love you girl!!

We kicked around in the afternoon after lunch and went bowling after graduation. We were all so tired we could barely finish two games.

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