Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday - Day 12 Volcano View!

Volcano View: Really hard hike up to 4,800 feet of elevation. That little road down the hill on the right is the Stop Sign hike!

It was a really cold morning and I was a little dehydrated so it made for a long day!

Pieces of Indian pottery that are found along the trail are put into a little rock cistern so they can be all together.

This was the hard part, hiking to the top of this on sandstone.

These rocks were as big a buses!

This was the last trail guide that led a group to the top. He pulled out a Snickers bar, that's the last time he was seen alive.

Made it to the very top!

With my buds, Julieann and Hilda.

What a view!

Here is the front of the mountain. We climbed up the back of the mountain.

Here is the best al fresco dining in Ivins! Fitness Ridge of course!

Breakfast to die for! Fruit, eggs, turkey bacon, and whole wheat pancakes with raspberry reduction.

Mushroom soup and a turkey chili tostada. Loved the tostada!!!

Vegetable lasagna and brocoili with mushrooms. Not one of my favorites.

Fruit skewers with dark choc sauce.

I woke up feeling pretty dead this morning. Got ready and went on a beautiful hike, but just about died doing it. When we got back I had breakfast and went to stretch class. Here's how great the trainers are honed in on you. Tiffany taught the stretch class and afterwards she came up to me and asked what was up. I told her how tired I was and she told me I had to rest during the afternoon classes. The stretch class was packed with people and she could tell that just from seeing me work out during the class. I went to lunch then went to lay down...for three hours! Got up and realized I was dehydrated. UGH!!! Started drinking water like crazy.

I had supper and went back to bed around 7:15 pm That was the day. No revelations, no breaking records, only a good view on the hike. But you know what? I'll take it. Sometimes it just takes getting back on track. They are always telling us to listen to our bodies and I was so glad I did.

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  1. Yes, sometimes you just need to also does a body good. :-) Glad to see the trainers are so in-tune with you! You´re still doing GREAT!