Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday - Day 21

This was the most amazing chili. It had perfect spices and four different beans in it. There was ground turkey instead of beef. OK so we NEVER have beef here! The cornbread was equally delightful. It had onion, multi colored bell peppers, and craisins.

For lunch we had vegetable soup, a repeat and our entree was so yummy I never even thought of taking a pic. Just dove right in!! It was a chicken and green chili sauce on brown rice with a roasted veggie skewer. Of course I loved it - who wouldn't love anything slathered in Chef's green chili sauce!

Bacon egg and cheese McMuffin...OK not really:(

Climbing up Three Ponds Overlook Hike

Me and Isabella taking on the mountain:)

It just kept on going up

We made it to the top. This hike is higher up and more rock scaling than Saddle.

Beautiful view of (I think) West Canyon.

Number one:)

Those rocks were relentless. Kelli our hiking guide.

Taking a break, almost to the top.

This is how high up we were. That road down there is West Canyon and we were at a much higher elevation than Stop Sign, probably by 1,000 feet.

Kelli and Kai checking to make sure they didn't lose any of us!

Loaded on the van and headed back for breakfast.

I thought I had fulfilled all my dreams since coming here, but this morning I remembered there was one more thing I hadn't done that I really wanted to do: Make Advanced hike. So today was our evaluation hike that we get every Monday. Last week we went on an advanced hike but I was so close to the back of the pack that I had to stay in Intermediate A which was fine with me. That was such a hard hike I really didn't see the need of bumping me up. I might just as well reserve my ambulance! But today was different. I felt stronger, lasted longer, and stayed in the top third of the group. We were told they didn't even know where they were going to take us because they were trying out some new hikes. Heh....OK that makes me feel really confident right off the bat!!! So Friday we did Saddle. Remember how I said it was the hardest hike here? Well not anymore. Meet Three Ponds Overlook Hike people! More climbing and elevation than Saddle, more sand than Hidden Pinyon, better views than Volcano View, and just plain out mean and rotten!!! I loved it so much I didn't even mind the sand. I think my body is finally getting use to the climate, elevation, and terrian. Just in time for me to go home:) Oh and so when we got back to the van. I made Advanced B. Woo Hoo!!!

There are some wonderful people out here this week. A big shout out to my blog stalking buddies: Crystal and Debbie!!!! You girls rock and you are goin to have such a blast. It is so fun to get to finally meet them in person since they have been reading my blog from the beginning and we figured out that we would all meet out here my last week.

I came back from the hike, ate breakfast, took stretch and then went to Mountain. I love Mountain. There must be something wrong with my head (note to self, get examination upon return to NC). Got a double shot of Tiffany this morning in stretch and Mountain class. I told her it's my last week and I really need you to push me today. So for the last three minutes of class she was hanging off my treadmill yelling incentives to me. She is so great. I finished the last 6 minutes at the highest elevation (15) starting at 4.0 mph and going up to 5.7 mph for the last three. When you have it on 15 you have to hang on for dear life or you will go flying into the lap of the recumbant bicyclist behind you. Not pretty! I can't wait to see what hikes they have in store for us.

Since it's my last week, I need all the encouragement I can get so pour it on. I'm on my last leg and my last mile and I need to hear the roar of the crowd as I cross the finish line. You, my audience have helped me make it this far. When I thought of quiting, I thought of you and how I would have to tell you I failed. It's not in my nature, I'm ready to play big. Meet me at the end and scream your guts out cause the race gets harder at the end. I can see the Big Stop Sign in the distance. The breezes are blowing and my heart is pounding. Do I have what it takes to pass the competition and break the banner? My lungs are filled to overflowing. I am close to emotional breakthrough. Only 5 more days to go and then I'm home free. Thank you all for taking this journey with me.


  1. Dawn,

    I have known you for a long time, and it is NOT like you to EVER give up! You are one of the most determined, energetic, and positive people I know! Keep on pushing, girl! You can do it!!! I have all the confidence in the world in Y-O-U!!!

    Love ya!

  2. Can't believe you only have 5 more days... So proud of you. You can do it!! You know you have to come home and get me out of the office and push me back in shape :) Luv U Girlie