Saturday, May 14, 2011

Can we say one more pound?!?

Yes folks it's true!! Stepped on the scales this morning and I'm down one more lb!!!!! Headed out to feed all the farm animals and then off to sell some Thankful Goat products in Lenoir at a cyclist festival. Took this pic last night after giving Agnes (my month old Toulousse goose) a bath. She sat in my lap for two hours. Just like a lap dog. Hope she remembers me when I get home from the Ridge. I was looking at pics from Christmas and can really tell in my whole body how much smaller I look. Hoping I can shed another 25 at the Ridge.

1 comment:

  1. You're AMAZING!! Great job and congratulations on yet another pound. And...very cute goose. My 14 yo LOVES animals. She now wants a pet chicken. I don't even love having a dog. She was telling me that you can put diaper on the chicken so it won' poop in the house. I've heard it all. REALLY?? Someone would actually diaper a chicken? I don't think so!

    Have a great weekend...only one more week!