Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 4 - Thursday Breakthrough!!!

This is the hike known as White Rock. My favorite hike ever! Well so far...

One of our guides thought it would be funny to strike a yoga pose at 2,000 ft!


We actually climbed this all the way to the top! Rock on!!!

Chelsea being a dare devil girl! Go woman you got this:)

Three of our group making it to the top. It's insane how high up this was!

Lava caves.

Our yummy day.

Breakfast a almond butter, strawberry, banana, and jam sammy.

Tortilla soup, one of my new favorites!

Turkey sandwich with strawberry vinegrette salad.

Waldorf salad supper. We added a salad and stayed full.

Dessert was pineapple skewer with raspberry reduction.

Gosh it's been a long day so I'll tell you real quick about the best part. We took Treading class today. You go hard on a cardio machine (I chose treadmill) for 5 minutes/recover for 5, then drop that to 4, then 3 and so on down to 1 minute of going and recovering. Tiffany taught it and she kept telling us it was time to 'play big' meaning we had to really push ourselves. I could go at 3 to 4 miles an hour on the treadmill, but I wanted to push myself so when we neared the end with the music blaring and Tiffany hanging off my treadmill yelling at me not to quit and that I could do it because I CAN and I'M WORTH IT - So I ran at 5 mph for 2 1/2 minutes. Here's the deal though guys. I have NEVER run on a treadmill before - EVER! They make me dizzy and scared. Everyone had to share what they pushed through at the end and I told what I had done and they all started cheering and I (of course) started crying. Everyone supports everyone here. One guy and I found out when we get home we will both be running 5Ks with family within 8 days of each other. He will be running with his grandson! He has another week to go and he's really pushing himself hard so he can run. How cool is that? When you think you can't go on this week. Push yourself cause YOU CAN and YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!! Period.


  1. You ARE worth it! Congratulations on your achievements!


  2. YES, you ARE worth it, Dawn! The treadmill is definitely an accomplishment, and it is amazing how you climbed that rock face! OMGosh! I know that treadmills scare you, but that rockface made the treadmill look like a walk in the park to me! Wow, impressive!