Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today is hiking SUNDAY!

I love Sundays. Love to meet with my church family. Love having the afternoons to work in the yard and hang out with my family and the neighborhood kids. Sometimes we have a fire in the firepit and roast something on it. We hang out with and watch the animals. Our new past time is hiking the 5 mile trail in the mountains. It is grueling, but you feel so good when you hit that last turn and know that you made it.

Two weeks from right now I will be boarding the shuttle in Las Vegas. I will have been in Vegas for two days soaking in all the fun. I don't gamble, but from what I hear Vegas has so much more to offer. I hope to get to hike with my couchsurfing family at the Red Rock Canyon. If you have never tried get out there and live a little.

I have hit a wall with my weightloss but I can tell I'm getting stronger. I have more stamina and better posture. My chiro had less to pop and said I was doing so much better. My blood sugars are still holding well and I feel amazing.

I hope everyone has an amazing Sunday and Mother's day. See ya on the trail:)

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