Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 6 - SATURDAY!!!!

Is that a carmel double espresso latte...Of course not you silly goose, it's PERO barley drink! Umm Umm;)

Choc covered banana was da bomb!

Here it is guys...enchilada night. I am happy, happy, happy!

Julieann taking a snooze while I blogged.

I made it! Saturday came and went. I enjoyed the whole day. Went on a super easy hike, and took two stretch classes cause I could and I'm worth it!!! Woo Hoo!!! After lunch I hung out with friends then headed out to the pool to enjoy the weather by the cabana and catch up on my blogging. Some of my friends will be leaving tomorrow and I'm very sad. My roomie is one of them. Nancy in reservations told me that if I rested tomorrow, I would see a huge difference in my stamina and strength. We are all having work out withdrawls now. Feels great to have a rest though. The weeks are really hard.

So the food board was awesome. I mean who doesn't like ENCHILADAS!!! I had the eggs and toast again for breakfast and substituted a tuna sandwich on a bagel thin for lunch. Enchiladas were awesome but when my table ordered some sour cream the girl just laughed at us LOL! I haven't been hungry but maybe two times this week and thats saying a lot. The food is so filling and you are so busy you don't have time to think about it.

Sandy and I decided to just hang out here tonight after dinner. They took a van to the bowling alley and had a blast. Frances didn't go and she has a private room so she came down for a party in our room. We got our pic CD and movie DVD of the weeks events. It was so cool. They did a Star Wars theme for the music and videos. I will cherish it.

Chelsea, my hiking and accountability partner, rolled her ankle Thursday and had to do pool on Friday. She's feeling better so we are going to try to get on the same van to hike together this week. She's here with her mom from Canada and they are so much fun.

Well the day is over, and I feel good. Decided I would weigh tomorrow, since I know you are all holding your breath. Wish me luck and keep those comments coming. Love you guys so much whether I know you or not.

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