Saturday, May 21, 2011

The View From Here

The first pic is of the big lake just East of Las Vegas. The second one is of the red canyons that are dotted all around here. The third is of the Rockies that actually still have loads of snow. They actually got snow last week. Some locations got as much as 18 inches!

So my first thoughts of Las Vegas:

1- I have the most wonderful CouchSurfing host family in the world! Thanks Irena, Scott, Lennox, and Quinn. They are so friendly and Irena fixed the most amazing supper. Indian chicken with potatos, artichoke bread, and broccoli.

2- This is like a whole different planet than North Carolina. All rocks and no grass (well, I take that back, they have plastic grass at the casinos) Beautiful scenery and great rock mountains all around Vegas.

3- I am surprised that the residents here don't all go naked. The clothes are all so expensive!!! I went in a mall yesterday and every tank top was at least $69! Tank tops! LOL!!!

4- The traffic lights are four times as long as back home. Guess they want you to get a good look at Strip so you won't wreck rubbernecking;)

Today I'm going to drive through and hike a little at Red Rock Canyon and then head to the Strip to see some of the free shows at the casinos. There is so much to see it would take two weeks to scratch the surface. Hoover Dam is only 45 minutes away, but I guess that will have to wait til the next trip! I leave on the shuttle for Utah tomorrow morning at 9:30 am

Will let you know how the day goes and send more pics!

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