Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In The Groove

They say when you finally figure out what works for you in exercise, eating, etc. it will just fall into place. I think I'm getting there. I figured out I really, really love to hike. I love the fact that it burns loads of calories in a short amount of time. I also love Zumba. I love that it feels like you are dancing, which was a favorite activity of mine in High School and later after college. I look a little more clumsy now when I do it. Let's just say the mind is willing, but the body...well, it needs a little tweaking. I also love to swing the kettlebell. That makes your body rock hard and helps to burn more calories, another plus. So my weight is the lowest it's been in years, my blood sugars are completely normal and I've started having dizzy spells which is telling me it won't be long until I need to start reducing my medicine for diabetes. I guess I'm on track for the Ridge. I only regret that I have little time to work out this week. It's a killer. Goat milk soap parties, end of year testing for homeschool, Dr. appts, and arts council parties. All good stuff, but stressful and not much time for the gym or walking. Next week will be different. I specifically left the two last weeks pretty much open so I could focus on getting to where I needed to be. I really want to get into the Advanced Hiking group. It has been said that there are more fun hikes on it and less people. Fingers crossed and lots of prayers.

So I guess we all watched it last night right? Biggest Loser last chance makeover LOL! I'm here to tell you Austin was way over due!!! Steve figured out he looks like a young slightly pudgie Bill Clinton. I cried when the sistas came out in their dresses, smokin hot! You go Hannah Bear!!! Woot Woot! I cried again when Olivia's husband was there and they had both lost 99 lbs each. I cried when they won the cars, cried when Olivia sang. Geez...the drama!!! I can't stand it. So who do you think will win? I guess one of the guys has the most to lose, but the girls can make them go away quick. I would love to see an all girl final three. How cool would that be?

So what about you? Have you gotten your groove on? Take a little time today to remember what makes you happy, excited, energetic. My goat milk soap business has a motto: "Give Goat Love a Chance Man!" I'm asking you today to "Give Yourself a Chance Man!"

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