Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last Dance:(

Tonight was my last Zumba class before I leave for the Ridge. I have learned so many dance moves and can Zumba my way through the whole hour with great success and not so much huffing and dying. Kat and Courtney have been wonderful to learn under and a big shout out to Dana for introducing me to Zumba and inviting me to come. It has been life changing:)

I was going through pics of last Christmas. They were taken just a couple of weeks after I signed up to go to Fitness Ridge so I hadn't really lost any weight. I'm posting one of myself with Steve's aunt Sara Allen. I didn't really realize how far I had come since then, but the pics are proof:) Steve asked me if I had envisioned myself packing two days before leaving when I signed up, and quite frankly I guess I never really expected this day to get here. It seemed so far away, like a dream.

Tuesday I also had my 'last dance' with my trainer, Brian. I started with my trainers a month ago and they tested my RMR, VO2, weight, BMI, measurements, and body fat %. I am stinkin happy to say I have lost 4% body fat and 1% off my BMI. My current RMR is 2436 so that is how many calories my body uses in a 24 hour period resting. So if I eat the daily 1,200 calories the Ridge supplies and just laid around I would have a deficit of 1,236 calories a day and roughly lose one lb every three days. But they are going to be kicking my butt off and I can't wait to see what the burn will be.

Today was packing day! Too much stuff, too little suitcase. I have chosen to take Old Blue. This is the family suitcase purchased from Goodwill for our trip to the Middle East last Spring. Old Blue will hopefully find a new owner after this trip cause I don't plan on bringing him home. If the clothes don't fit, you can leave them for someone else and hopefully I will be out of deoderant and toothpaste so I won't have so much to lug home...refreshing! Especially since I have probably 500 lbs of stuff I'm taking with me!

I'm really, really excited! Excited to see Las Vegas and get to spend two days roaming around there. Excited to meet all the great ladies in person that I have friended on the Fitness Ridge Alumni page. Excited to see what the food is like, and the trainers, and the hikes. Excited that the Dr. put me on thyroid meds today and hopefully I will be much less tired in a week or so. That darn recovery has been a bear the last month! Excited to blog and share with friends back home. (wish I could take all of you with me in my overstuffed suitcase!)

Tomorrow is Hell Day trying to get everything finished before I leave. Stephanie is coming to clean the house and that will make things bearable, then we celebrate with the boys as they have their last homeschool band concert of the year. I have to get the goats shaved and a mani/pedi to spruce them up for summer, then it's off to the airport on Friday morning. A bonus: I get to say I've been to Minnasota now, even if it is just a layover. Unless the urge strikes me and I'm setting around twiddling my thumbs, I guess I'll see you guys on the other side. If you have decided to take this month to make a change in your life, now is the time. Start today. Lets do this together. Come on, it's just 30 days!!! Message me or comment on the blog and let me know what you want to accomplish in the next 30 days and then go for it. Let's see what all we can do in the next month:)

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  1. Dawn,

    You look like an entirely different person...already! Just wait till you come back from FR after a month. Wow! You look so much younger and happier now. You are well on your way to a whole new life..a whole new you!

    Congratulations on how far you've come. Can't wait to see your progress!