Monday, April 30, 2012

O.M.J. (Oh My John!)

5:30 am comes early around here.  First of all, because the beds are so darn comfy, and second, well we stayed up a little late last night:0  Made it to stretch class at 6 am and there was my Kelli teaching.  You do stretch in the gym now and even though there were more than 30 of us, it was so spacious!  No elbows in your butt or anything;)  If you have been here before you can appreciate that:)  I am happy to see several friends back again this year.  People are already calling me the 'goat lady' LOL!  I can't get away from that one.

We are hiking on the Winter schedule now and it's very different than Summer.  We do stretch, eat breakfast, go on the hike, have a class, then eat lunch, have another class, then three more afternoon classes and supper, then a lecture.  We start at 6 am and finish at 7 pm.  Yes it's grueling, but yes it's doable and worth it.  It's only 2 pm here and I've already burned 1600 calories today!!!! 

The best thing about today so far was Jen's class where you access where you are.  Many of us have been here before and we are in all different places.  With my hip injury, I have found that I went into all or nothing mode.  Because I couldn't modify, I just quit.  Some days it was hard to walk even.  I tried to keep it all going with my food and did well with that part, but no matter how it went for any guest, they aren't worried about the past, just the future.  Where do we go from here?  How do we jump the next hurdle?  How can we make life easier? 

Some of Jen's thoughts for the day:  Carbs can be a train wreck for a lot of people.  That's why South Beach and Atkins work so well, but you pack it back on when adding carbs back in.  Our Fitness + Nutrition + Emotional Management = Our Life  We have to figure out what percentage would be our ultimate goal to shoot for.  I need my fitness to be at 60%, nutrition at 30%, and emotional at 10%.  Everybody is different.  You have to figure out what works for you.  We come here for a good fitness kick in the pants, but every part of the equation weighs in on your success.  If your nutrition or emotional management are off, you may lose weight, but you won't keep it off.  If you gain it back likely you have emotional management issues that need to be addressed.  Many of these are so unseen that people don't even realize they are there.

OK so it's 8:15 pm!  Total calories burned today were 3,368 minus 1,200 for food, giving me a deficit of 2,168!  I was so stinkin happy:)

I think Chef Cameron read my blog, marked his calendar, and fixed my favorites just for me today;) 
We had our hike and I got to do Lower Gila.  I asked Kelli and Tracey in the parking lot how it was and Kelli said it wasn't bad, kinda like Chuckawalla!  Are you kidding me???  That's the one that half killed me on day one last time, right!  So I go to the van and guess who's there waiting for me?  You guessed it John;)  Love him.  He's actually the reason I'm not dead from the first hike last year because he taught me to breath.  The air is soooooo thin out here, it must be counting it's calories too.  You just can't get your breath going up hill, so you are gasping for air, literally.  Well I did tell them I was intermediate.  John and I got another 'first day pic' at Heart attack hill.  Called that because a Dr. rode his bike up, sat down, and died!  True story, well if John can be trusted;)  If you have been here, you get the humor in that too!  I did really well until we started climbing.  Bottom line:  last year I started in the bottom of the three intermediate hiking groups and worked my way up through those ending in Expert B.  This year I got the top intermediate.  So I'm feeling pretty good about how I did. 

Lunch was great, and so were the afternoon classes.  We had Core, my least favorite, but it was with Annamarie and not Nicole so I left feeling like I still had some muscle left in my middle;)  I could actually do all of the workout.  This one was the hardest for me last year.  After having three C-sections, there ain't much down there that works if you know what  I mean!

Next was pool with Sharon and as always she made it FUNNER!  It really was the first half of class since we ran back and forth in the shallow end doing crazy things for her while she pumped out the Journey on the stereo.  We were all singing to the top of our lungs..."Just a small town boy..."  and "Wheel in the sky keeps on turning".  We were laughing like school kids at camp and then Sharon decided to make it even FUNNER.  She had us go down to the deep end and swim all kinds of laps for 25 minutes then end with the pool game where you are against the other side of the pool.  I have never been on a team that lost at this ever!  Victory dance;)

All in all it was a great day.  I'm really tired and want to go to sleep, but I know you want to see some pics so I'm going to try to download a few for ya.  Peace out and sleep well, and kudos for all of you that called me and sent encouraging messages.  It really helps to know so many peeps are rooting for me all over the US and Canada. 

 LOL they are so out of order, this is a new dessert, Guava Ice Cream!  The bomb!
 Sugar snap peas with a salmon burger on toast
 salad with dinner
 BURRITO - do the happy dance:)
 carrot soup
 Mexican Fritata
 Sunday night's supper: chicken with spaghetti squash and turkey marinara and grilled brussel sprouts
 The menu board for Sunday
 Shayley and Ben a couple of my favorite peeps here.  They help you in reservations
Got some giant sized new towels by the pool - It's the little things people!!!!  Don't you know we are all just prisoners here, by our own device.
 Upstairs in the new gym
 Ceiling of the new gym
 Pool Table
 Computer Center
 LOL Dr Suess Chairs - love them!!
And the classiest bathroom I have ever used in my life - this picture simply does not do it justice.  There is leather on the walls!!!

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