Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Got Me A Ticket On An Aeroplane

I leave in 10 days...TEN DAYS!!!! Why do I feel so bland about it right now? I think it's known as the second trip, been there, done that, blues. I have tried to get scared, lose 10 lbs in 10 days so I go back in the game, but alas, there is more to do here at home than I have hours for in the day. I try to get nervous, wondering what trail I will have on Monday and how it will kick my butt into next week, but I think, "I've done most of them out there and lived to tell about it" I try to imagine how much pain I will be in and how well I will sleep, but I'm so tired in my current life I just long to feel something other other than numb right now. So here is what I've decided to do. Enjoy my trip!!!! Yes, I know - that's an alien thought huh? Last year this time I was so keyed up I had trouble sleeping at night, and now I think I might sleep through the whole flight to Vegas. I shall ENJOY MYSELF:) Hum...it sounds better every time I say it.

I have a goat milk soap and bath products business and right now it's going like gangbusters. By April 28th I will start a festival lineup that covers 5 of 8 weekends! My sweet husband and two sons will cover two of those parties for me. I have been making soap until we can't eat on our own table. There is soap everywhere. It will be nice to set that all aside and just enjoy some time with the girls and occasional male guest that happens along at Fitness Ridge. Speaking of which. I will be meeting three alums at Cafe Rio in St George on Sunday before heading out to the Ridge. My husband says I'm a people gatherer and just can't help myself. One is an old friend from last year, Chelsea, my hiking buddy. One is a new friend that will be coming in from Canada. And one is DeeDee, who wrote one of the first blogs I ever read before going to Fitness Ridge. I remember crying my eyes out as I read every step of her journey, looked at every photo of all those people on red rocks, and salavated over every turkey concoction that Chef invented. Now I get to meet the famous DeeDee;) I will be couch surfing in St George with a girl who just signed up for couch surfing. I will be her first guest! Woo Hoo! Breaking her in right:) She has volunteered to take me to Zion for hiking and I am so excited. After I leave the Ridge I'm surfing with the Jacobs who let me stay with them for two nights last year. We have kept in touch and Irena and I are going to try to take in a show that evening.

I have a lot to look forward to on this trip. I'm only counting on the things that I know will happen right now, but I know there will be so many new friends (I'm living proof of that from last year!), so many fun conversations, so many times that Sharon will hit me and scream at me, those special moments when Tiffany will jump on the front of my treadmill screaming "YOU CAN and YOU ARE WORTH IT". I look forward to the Ivins Fitness Festival 5K and hope we get a tshirt, cause you know, it's all about the tshirt;) Oh and I hope the tshirt isn't hideously ugly like the one from that streetlamp 5K I did last summer. Steve and I are embarrassed to wear that one;P Yes I will ENJOY this trip. And you know why don't you??? Yes that's right, say it with me, BECAUSE I CAN AND I"M WORTH IT! Love you Tiffany and can't wait to see you riding on the front of my treadmill:)

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