Saturday, April 28, 2012

Come As You Are

 Ahhh! Zion...  Your beauty is far above many things my eyes have seen.
 Glass by product.  We figured they buy it cheap and sell it for lots:)
 Knock your socks off beautiful!
 We made it to the top of hike something or other.  LOL can't remember the name, they all ran together!
 Check out the yellow strip at the top!

 I'm so adorable they hired me to look cute at this National Park
 Reminds me of Snow Canyon
 Welcome to Virgin, UT
 Forget Texas, burritos as big as your head!
 Entering 'the narrows'
 Makaila striking a pose
 I think this one was called Great White Throne
Utah hiking at it's best

Come as you means you are among friends.  It means that nothing special is expected of you.  It means that no matter what happens, you are welcome here.  This is the essence of how I feel right now.  I have come as I am, right now, and I know I am accepted.  I know that I am among friends.   And I'm here to work....hard.  But no matter what happens, there will be joy in the journey. 

Here I am in Utah again and another year has passed.  What's different about this year?  Well for one thing, I don't need your approval.  Fitness Ridge did that for me.  They taught me that I am stronger than I think and I'm good at it.  So I can be my own person and live life large.  That has been the most freeing benefit of last year's trip.  I also came here last year afraid of a challenge.  Not any more.  I say - "Bring it!"  Last year I visited Red Rock Canyon before Fitness Ridge and drove around taking pictures of the canyons, but dared not to hike the trails, not even leave the side of my car!  Today I went to Zion with my couchsurfing host Mikaila and we hiked 5 miles!  I have had ups and downs this last year.  In September, I hurt my hip and for the last 8 months, I have been trying to recover it without surgery.  After my 5 miles I'm sore, but not injured.  I have learned a lot about myself, and those around me.  I have challenged myself to keep trying to find the right mix to maintain what I have lost without going berzerk.  I want to finish strong.  Last year I just wanted to hide under the bed on day one.  Tomorrow is day one and I'm having lunch with some past and future friends from here.  By day seven I will be doing the Ivins Fitness Festival 5K.  Everyday in between will be beyond crazy.  I can't wait to see what will go down.

It's going to be a good week.  Visit me here every day to get your daily dose of living dangerously!  Cause that's how we roll at Fitness Ridge.  Weigh in tomorrow.  Wish me luck:)

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