Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The New Plan

This is me with my wonderful husband just 3 short weeks after returning from Fitness Ridge. A lot has gone down since then. Summer is over and homeschool is starting back, we have run two 5Ks and this weekend will run the Warrior Dash, and my tan is gone;( I'm also feeling a little squishy around the middle. That's from not working out 8 hours a day...sigh!

I think you have this great plan as to what you would do when you come back from the Ridge that goes something like this: I will get up at 5 am and run a 5K every morning before breakfast, eat 11 almonds, then do the stretch class on my living room floor. I will then clean my entire house, homeschool my kids, make three batches of goat milk soap and lunch at the same time careful not to combine the two! Enjoy a fresh puree of soup, salad, and sandwich of something made out of ground turkey;) Do my afternoon core class while I switch out the laundry between sets of those darn things where you hold the pole in one hand and bend at the middle and reach your hand to the ground like one of those red drinking birds (you know the kind I mean) Dinner would materialize of course, because I'm fabulous...ha! Oh and after cleaning up the dishes I would dash off to Zumba. SCREEEEECH....

Let's get this car back on the road and be happy no one was injured in my overactive imagination! It's hard being home and fitting in exercise, it's hard getting dinner on the table, and it's hard doing everything else that's called life too. I told myself this morning as I walked/ran in the Ingle's grocery store parking lot just down the street that I have to find simpler substitutions. OK so the grocery store has this GINORMOUS parking lot, so much that it's almost never full. I can walk/run there and save myself a trip into town to the gym. This would save a round trip of 40 minutes, pretty good. While there, I can run in and get anything I might need for that day's meals. Score another 15 minutes. The boys are reluctant, but good housekeepers and they have been helping me keep all the stuff in the house put away. This is no small task since we all live, work, and eat here 24/7. (We taught them to fold clothes when they were still in diapers, a task I am proud to say was a wonderful addition to my life!) I still try to go to Zumba in the evenings and I know one day I will be back to four nights a week, hopefully;) The meals are simple as long as I remember to stock up on ground turkey. I make a huge batch with onion, bell pepper, roasted red pepper, s&p, garlic powder, and onion powder and later divide it for chili, pasta sauce, greek pitas, enchiladas, and burritos. No waldorf salad please!!!

Now if only I had 24 more hours in the day to get around to the things I WANT to do. Things like, painting the chicken coop to match the house, altering some clothing, painting, sewing myself a new apron, finishing a couple of books I'm too tired to read at bedtime, canning all those veggies on the counter (well, I'm sure by tomorrow this will be the top of the to do list!) Sigh... if only there were two of me!

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  1. I have managed to stretch Dawn, although this is my day three of not stretching and I feel it, I am getting my mat out now. Parked far away (In the shade) WINNING!!! at the grocery store and ran with my dog, I have to consider this good enough for today. Love your blog, keep on truckin baby!