Friday, August 26, 2011

Be Prepared to Be Amazed;)

Here is the first pic. Because you know this is the one that shows up as the profile pic of the page when you put it on Facebook. This is now. Yes, you are all overwhelmed by my smokin hot new body (snicker) BUT WAIT!!! I must warn you. Then next pics aren't for the faint of heart and I must tell you that it has taken me months to download them here. People you don't understand!!! I'm putting it all out here on the line. These pics that follow are me last year. Last summer to be exact. These are the pictures I had Steve take to go along with the Biggest Loser application I never had the guts to mail in. Alright, if you must still see them procede with caution. Scroll down... (the dead silence is me holding my breath!)

Gast...the horror!

Holy Cow it just get's worse!

OK, now that you have come back to and we got that over with I must say it's nice to be in today's body. I remember how I felt in that old body. YUCKY!!! I hurt all over, it was hard to get up off the couch, and I constantly wanted to cry. I wouldn't even look at myself in the mirror most days. I would close my eyes to brush my teeth - yes seriously! Steve just thought I was really enjoying cleaning my teeth.

I have now exposed my jugular and have nothing else to reveal. Hopefully, I won't decide to run for the Senate one day and these bad boys will emerge on some fat chick kinky website. Heaven help the person who enjoys looking at these LOL!

I put these up to say this: After being home for a while you kinda forget where you came from. You get into your routine and start to think it was just a dream and Fitness Ridge never really happened. Here is proof:) I did this, and you can too!!! Do you find yourself longing to lose some weight and find the support you always dreamed of? That was me last year. Now I'm well on my way to feeling normal again. I can help you, Fitness Ridge can help you, and YOU can help you. If you need a dose of postitive encouragement email me - no spam please, I will hunt you down and find you;)

It's the weekend - go out there and make something of it! Only two days til the Warrior Dash - praying for the pain in my elbow and hip to go away so I can run and climb with the best of them. Think of me Sunday and I promise to post some groovey pictures of us being nuts next week - PEACE OUT!

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  1. Dawn - I'm just so very proud of you in every way! It must've taken a lot of courage to post those pictures! I think you and your journey are so amazing!