Monday, August 15, 2011

Here and Now

Since I've been home our garden is in full swing. We got loads of cucumbers, corn, cantalopes, jalapenos, banana peppers, squash, zuchini and coming soon watermelons and bell peppers. Today, it was tomatoes. They got planted late so they are coming in late. I love the wonderfully intoxicating smell, flavor and intensity of it all. As much as I hate the thought of hours over the stove to can or freeze them, I will appreciate their goodness throughout the year in soups, stews, salsa, pasta sauce, etc.

I have dedicated the last two months being home to finding the new normal. This has been somewhat elusive. Sometimes it's just slapped me in the face. In 8 weeks I've had two stomach bugs and one sinus infection. Odd for me. Maybe it's just been my body protesting the many changes I've forced on it. At any rate I have had 5 out of 8 good weeks. Two of those weeks I ran 5Ks, 4 of the 5 good weeks I worked out at least 3 to 5 times. When I left the Ridge I weighed 209. Now I hover around 200. I have about 30 more lbs to lose. I am making progress, no matter how slow. If I can just keep on going like this I will make it.

I feel good about the changes in my mind too. I'm not beating myself up for not doing what I think I should. I let myself have a treat about once a week and don't feel guilty about it. I have learned to relax a little more and the feeling of needing to weigh myself all the time is gone. I still fit into the new clothes and I don't have to constantly keep trying them on to convience myself. It's all fitting into place.

I have been asked by numerous people to give a talk to help them find their new normal. Due to financial reasons in their life right now, Biggest Loser's Fitness Ridge is not an option. I'm considering it. I guess I have a lot to say and I know I can help other especially if they are looking to make a change.

I read back over my whole blog and am so thankful I took the time to write it. I have had over 5,500 hits since it started back in April and that just blows me away!!! It also has helped me more than I can say. When feeling of doubt come, it's the first thing I turn to.

So in two weeks I'll run the Warrior Dash with Steve. You bet there will be loads of pictures; Lots of mud, sweat, and tears too. Until then keep your head up and keep climbing that mountain. Take some stops along the way to look at the progress you've made. It's a long way down from here. That's what makes it funner. Don't stop til you reach the top, it's not like you to play small:)

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  1. Dawn, I am going to FR Malibu tomorrow (aaack!) for 4 weeks. Your blog is SO inspiring!! I appreciate that you tell it like it is -- the good with the bad.

    I also wanted to tell you that I did the Warrior Dash here in PA a couple of months ago. I am about 70 pounds overweight. I walked nearly every step. Out of 25 obstacles, I was able to complete all but 4. But I DID IT. It was a huge wake-up call for me -- I was happy I did it, but appalled at my condition and how very difficult it was for me compared to the other fit people there. I want to do it again next year -- but I refuse to do it from the 'place' I was in this year. Next year will be much, much different for me.

    Good luck on the Dash! In the shape you are in now, you will have a BLAST and be happy you did it!! GO...DAWN!!