Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sweet Saturday

Today was awesome. I got all those little odds and ends done around the house I wanted to get done. Big one was getting out all my summer clothes and putting away the winter ones. So what's so great about that aweful job? Half of them went into the yardsale pile cause they were falling off me!!! Ones that didn't fit were fitting again, and some I hadn't been able to wear for at least 3 years:) We went out for soup and salad at Olive Garden tonight and stopped by Dick's. I think it could be my favorite new store if they only realized the fat people work out too. Sucking in my gut to wear a men's extra large just isn't my idea of fun. So I settled for a shade hat for hiking, a strap for my sunglasses for the pool, and a dri fit t shirt that should dry in 5 minutes or less. Exercise today included about 20 times up and down the stairs, kettlebells, and that was about it. Tomorrow after church and lunch we are going back to Blowing Rock to do the 5 mile Boone Fork Trail again. Thank you to those of you who are reading my blog. I guess it's sometimes as much fun as watching paint dry, but it helps to keep having to write about my days on this journey. Keeps me honest. See you tomorrow:)


  1. I love reading your blog.What dates will you be at fitness ridge.

  2. txgal I will be out there from May 22 to June 19 (my birthday) Are you going?

  3. Dawn,

    Wow! You are doing so well! You're an animal! I am SO lazy. I spend lots of time resting on the couch in front of the TV when I'm home and the rest of the time driving people different places in my car. BUT, while Jacob is doing his testing tomorrow and Tuesday for 6 hours, I plan to bring my fitness shoes and find a park or mall and WALK, WALK, WALK!!

    Good job...have a Blessed Sunday!

  4. I will be there June 26 to July 10. I will miss you but I will read your blog.Have an awesome time.

  5. Thanks txgal, I hope you have a great time too!