Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fat Thursday!

You know those days where you just wake up feeling fat...well, fatter than usual? Today is my Fat Thursday. I have been on the computer most of the morning looking at the Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge Alumni page on Facebook and I'm so excited to meet people online before I get out to what is known as FR. They all have blogs too. After browsing through some of them it is a bit funny. All of the pics look alike. Lots of red rocks with hiking people in them. Lots of pics of the food boards and the meals that are served. And lunch time soups of every hue in the rainbow, dang I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! It's like when I do Zumba. I have this unbelievable urge to eat Mexican food!!!! Not good! The music is pumping and I can see myself diving into a yummy enchilada or burrito or pile of nachos. Somebody slap me!

So I'm here on the computer and reading the posts people have made. People just like me from all over the US and they start...tears! Emotional release pours out that has been backed up since last Tuesday's Biggest Loser episode. Every week it's the same. Emotional weathering that makes me so euphoric to see people overcome obesity. Now it's my turn. I don't know if I mentioned it yesterday, but I lost 8 lbs. last week!! That's almost as much as if I was at the Ranch:) I am so proud of that. There were also tears of sadness when I read some blogs of triumph followed by failure. Saying a prayer under my breath, "Please God don't let that be me." I guess that's what scares me the most. I've battled weight my whole life. The difference in FR is I hope that I can finally learn to be an athlete. I have never been one to push myself in that area, but have always wanted to. Here's my chance to prove myself! Wish me luck.

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