Wednesday, May 2, 2012

White Rocks Reversed, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, and Target...What could be better?

Big day at the Ridge.  One of my favorite hikes, White Rocks Reversed, allowed me to feed my Stairmistress addiction.  One of the greatest rock formations to 'play on', Stairmistress is like the carrot in front of my nose, just dangle it there on a hike and I'll run the trail to get to it.  David got a cactus stuck in his butt so we really did have to run one time to catch up LOL!  Our trusty guide Sherry got him fixed up though, and the three of us were jogging along through the lava trail.  Ekkk!

I got to do Mountain class with Nicole and that is one of favorite gym classes.  You start at a moderate pace, and go up in speed or incline on the treadmill every three minutes for a total of 12 increases.  By the time I finish I'm always up to 15 the max on incline and today I was running at 5.2 mph for the last increase.  Nicole is so motivating.  She told us Struggling = Success.  If you aren't struggling, you aren't growing.  Especially at Fitness Ridge.  You can't get that kind of motivation ANYWHERE else on the planet.  I took two stretch classes one before hike and one after - it felt soooooo Malibu LOL!  We also had Wednesday Kick Boxing class with Sharon.  Bobby the video guy always gets some good footage there!  Pool class with Nicole was brutal. 

Wednesday is special because you start to feel human again;)  You have finished Wall Wednesday, also known as Hell Day.  So, they load you in the van and take you to Target.  Except I have a car this week so we loaded that bad boy down and went into St George.  On the way back we got lost like three times and ended up at the road at the top of Stop Sign Hike in Snow Canyon!  We were all howling laughing and had to almost go all the way back into St George to get back.  One of the ladies was telling us how last year she was here for 8 weeks and found this pie company called Vio and she bought three slices and ate them in the car before supper.  We were dying laughing about it.  She still ended up losing 50 lbs while she was here.  So we kept getting lost.  You know the exercise here is top notch, the facility is the best I have ever seen, and the trainers are like your family, but the friendships you get out here are life changing.  You can't put a price on it.  Phyllis, my roomie, is so great and we have really had a blast being together.  We have so much in common and it's been great getting to know her.  My hiking group is also the bomb!!!  Everyone is all in for anything and we joke with each other and take funny pictures, but going through the experiences together gives you a bond that you just can't get anywhere.

I will have to post pics tomorrow.  Phyllis and I have been bad tonight sitting up til 11 pm talking and typing and now we are dead.  But that's OK, we are going to cut Sione's stretch class tomorrow morning because the girls say he doesn't do stretch, but rather Bob Harper style torture yoga, with all these crazy positions.  Not at 6 thank you!  So I shall sleep in til 6:30 in the morning:)  Oh I will leave you with one pic.  My new favorite.  Enjoy!
Side plank on Piano Rock baby...that's how I roll.  Well, actually I was peer pressured into it;)  That's OK, my buds are challenging me to new heights!

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  1. Great side plank, Dawn! Sounds like you had a great time this week with a fun group.