Friday, May 4, 2012

Makin it Count

Today was a true test of my physical, emotional, and endurance.  We were scheduled to go to Middle Gila for the hike, but David House and I wanted the rest of our van, which is mostly newbies to get to go to Camelback.  Carrie agreed and volunteered to take us along with John, a new guide, and Sione Fa. David House has been here about 6 times in the past year and has lost and maintained 50 lbs.  He has been to Camelback several times, but never gone down into the Vortex.  It is very challenging to say the least.  You only have a shoe wide strip to put your feet on and it drops off some 30 to 50 feet (not good at estimating).  I told him we could go to Camelback, but he was going in this time!  Last year I was so afraid to go in, but I did it and it really empowered you.  David now feels that same empowerment.  You go David!  You are my hero today:)  Carrie thought it might be nice to take us around back for a change if we wanted to.  Last year I started in the lowest intermediate group and worked my way up to expert B group.  This year  I came back and was put into the highest intermediate group just one notch away from where I left.  I was excited, scared, and a little let down that I couldn't do all I could last year, but I've had a great week and a great group and wouldn't have had it any other way.  But today *big grin*  we got to do an expert hike!  I knew if I didn't go the harder way I would be letting myself down.  "Play Big," Tiff would say - "You are Amazing," Nicole would say - "Keep it Up, Keep it Up," Gretch would say.  So I listened to them instead of the squeeky voice in my head.  It was challenging and Sione said his view of Camelback hike was the 'crack of Dawn' since all he saw was my backside the whole time LOL!  I was last in line huffing and puffing, still unacustom to the lack of air out here, and Sione was the sweeper guide.  We loved taking crazy picture with Sione and Carrie today.  7 of 9 of us took the hard road - we were makin it count!  I urged two more of the ladies to go into the Vortex with us, so our whole entire group made it in.  Now that's team work.  Sing it with me:  "What have you done today to make you feel proud?"  Or as we sing the song at home, "What did ya eat today to make you so fat!"  I know a little corny, but it makes us laugh and think before we eat that_________(fill in the blank)  Sing that next time you are in line at McDonald's!!!

We do treading on Thursdays and since I can't run, I jack the incline up to 15 and just hang on!  Sione taught that class too.

I had a great session with Jenn.  Being here in 2010 and having a year to think has given me the opportunity to work some things out.  Not just weight loss, but every aspect of my your life.  I wanted to take advantage of that and talk with her one on one.  She is amazing with insight and really helps put things into perspective.  If you have the chance to meet with her, take it!

The thing I was most looking forward to was my Thursday night massage.  I got Tyler this time and Lisa Alexander...girl, you are dead on it!  He is THE BOMB!!!  Best massage I ever had!  Thanks Lisa for telling me to pick him.  I was amazed at how many people were down there getting massage.  I waited with about 6, and then when I got done, I went back in and there were 6 more going in.  The old computer room is now a waiting room for massages and that is really nice.

After my massage I came back to the room, laid down, and fell right to sleep at 8:30.  Exhausted!
Breakfast fruit
Turkey Bacon,egg, and cheese bagel
Yoga class with Sione Fa Biggest Loser season 7
I took quite a fall, glad they got it on camera!
Me at the bottom of the hill
Me butt scooting into the Vortex
Our group
Awesome that we all made it:)
Sione guiding David out!  Way to go David!!!
Rosemarie will be so proud of you:)
Funky shadow pic
Ahhh Camelback, so glad to see you again
The veggie soup
Chicken salad pita
Cafe Salad
Raspberry-apple cobbler - Oh my goodness!!!

 Sione and I before the hike
Chef "The Rock Star" Cameron

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  1. Dawn, the descriptive writing style (and the awesome photos) make me feel as though I am right there in Utah with you! Wow, that food looks appetizing!

    It sounds like you are making the absolute most of your experience. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. :)