Saturday, December 31, 2011

First Goal, Check

I just wanted to pop in and let you guys know I made it. My first big goal for keeping the weight off was the day after Christmas, exactly one year to the day since I called Fitness Ridge and made my reservations for 2011. I wanted to end the year within 5 lbs of my weight after returning home from the Ridge. I DID IT!

I have to say it's been hard these last couple of months. My goat milk soap business has been in full swing not allowing me time to eat like I want and work out enough. My hip and elbow has been healing. The elbow is looking good and I can now swing the kettlebell again, but it looks like my hip may need something more. Hopefully not surgery!

How do I feel? I have good days and bad days. The mental thoughts are still the hardest to follow. I still wake up thinking I've gained it all back, guess I'll get use to it eventually;) I can't wait now that Christmas is over to get started back training. I'll be leaving on April 28th for another trip to Fitness Ridge. This time will only be for a week, but I'm excited to go with my friend, Crystal. We will have a blast. I found out I have something called Somigy effect. Think I spelled it right;) It's where your bloodsugar rises over night and it's no fault of your eating or anything else. I have had to take medicine at night for it, but hopefully when I get off another 30 lbs it won't do it anymore. There are no guarantees from the Dr. though. I don't like the squishy self I've become. I loved being rock hard when I got home from the Ridge but the injuries have kept me from keeping them. The one thing I keep telling myself is: If I did it once, they will come back with the hard work. I know now that I have it in me and I can't wait to get started back.

Welcome to 2012. It won't wait for you. It's like a train pulling out of the station. Start running and jump on the rung because there are adventures to be had. I wouldn't miss them for the world. This new life I have is too much fun! See you on the other side;)