Monday, October 3, 2011

Nine Months and Counting

Steve and I at the Hospital Fundraiser Gala Ball last weekend. Now there's a dress I never thought I would wear to some gala!

It's been nine months since I dialed up Biggest Loser, and with a shaky voice told Nancy to sign me up for a month. I immediately started to exercise and cut back on my eating. I immediately saw results and five months later as I boarded the airplane for Utah, I had dropped 25 lbs. I spent the next month being molded into Linda Hamilton from Terminator 2 and dropped another 15 lbs. I got home and dropped another 10 lbs. Hanging out within 5 to 10 lbs of my first goal, here I am nine months later. Fifty-five lbs lighter than I was last Christmas. I have gone through the psycho dance that we all experienced when losing that much weight. You don't know how it will effect you, you just know it will. I have gone through the eating what I like phase that sends you up 10 lbs and scares you half to death so you don't eat much more than salad for a few days. ;) You remember that too, huh? I have been injured so I couldn't workout and got squishy even though I weighed the same. And here I am nine months later. Long enough to grow an offspring in my loins. I guess in my case I have birthed a miracle. My doctor told me when I got started that if I lost the weight I needed to, I would be in the 1% of adults with diabetes that could get off my meds. Enter the miracle! Am I happy with the results: yes! Am I longing to finish the journey: yes! Overall, I couldn't be more pleased. As with most people who have struggled with weight, I have tried all this before. What has been different is the results in my mind. Biggest Loser gives you the tools you need mentally to focus on your goal and the tools food wise to do it. I got back on the wagon after a trip to South Georgia for my husband's grandmothers funeral without really thinking about it. I was up over 12 lbs and the old me would have said, "Oh well, I guess I really can't do it!" But the new me got right back to work and within 6 days I was back down again. I walked in the parking lot of the grocery store around the corner this morning for an hour. I took my husband, two boys, and dog with me. We decided we like it so much that we would do it every morning the weather will allow from now on. Get it over with first thing so it's done. The black team would be proud:) I still have 30 lbs to go. I will not say I am at a stand still. I am maintaining. I am taking a break at the bottom before starting the next hill. I have 30 more lbs to go and 7 more months before I step back on that airplane and head off to Utah again. I can smell the victory and I like what I see. I feel good and I'm taking one of my dearest friends along for the ride. I will enter Fitness Ridge a different person than last year, I will learn new things, I will have new personal records, and I hope to conquer that 10K. Big dreams, big goals, playing big... Isn't that what it's all about.

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