Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Big Reveal Birthday Party Video

Well, I tried everything to get the video at my reveal party posted to the blog and I am just not that technologically advanced. Perhaps if Steve were here, but he's not. So you will just have to access it yourself. http://youtu.be/MOecJK9H-_c It really was an awesome party. I had about 60 friends show up. We had cake and Crystal Light. There was even some Zumba near the end.

I am currently making my game plan for the week. Now that I have settled in and Steve's family has all departed I am getting back to normal. What they would call "THE NEW NORMAL" at Fitness Ridge. The 'new' normal is what will fit into my life that will keep me on track. It won't be a crazy diet or unattainable workout plan. These all set you up for failure. It will include a caloric intake of 1,200 - 1,500 calories a day. This way I have a buffer. I will shoot for 1,200, but if I hit 1,500 it's still within my limit and won't sabbotage my day. That's where we fail when food comes into play. We eat that piece of cheese cake on Friday night and say, "Oh well, whatever, I'm a loser and I'll just start over on Monday. Now where did I put that 2 lb. bag of M&Ms?" Do you know how much damage we can do in a weekend? A LOT!!!! So you ate the cheesecake, now what? Say, "that was my extra 300 calories, it was good and now I'm back on track." Put it in your food journal and calculate the calories. I bet it wasn't even worth it, was it?

And the exercise? Well I found out what works for me in Utah. My two favorite things to do are Zumba and hiking. There are Zumba classes on Monday thru Thursday and we can hike on the weekends. I will put it on the calendar. I can also purchase videos from my instructors. They are the bomb and have two DVDs with a third coming out soon. http://www.hickorygirlsfitness.com/ if you too would like to see what all the fuss is about Zumba. Two things I took away from Fitness Ridge is Treading and Mountain. These were my two favorite classes. Of course you have to have some jammin music so I am looking for my favorite songs to run to and when I get it put together I will be all set. I have a membership to my gym so I can also do circuit classes with the treadmill and weight machines. This isn't my favorite but I will do it to help build my muscles.

I calculated my BMI and to be in the normal range I need to lose 50 more lbs. This was a little bit of a bummer to me since I thought I only needed to lose about 20 more. I have already lost 44 so I guess 50 more wouldn't be all that bad. I will still set my next goal at 20. That is attainable and I will have a celebration when I hit that point. In only 6 lbs I will be under 200 and my gift to me is a ride on the Scream Time Zip Line. I will be sure to post a video;)

If you are sitting at home reading this and think, "Man, I would love to get started, but don't know how in the world to do it." Just send me a comment. It has become one of my goals in life to drag as many of you along as I can. My motto is "the more the merrier". Lets figure this out together. It's not the end result so much as it is the journey.

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  1. WOW, I love your post!! I am going at the end of this month... And thanks to you I know so much. Keep posting, Keep pushing, Keep motivating the rest of us!!!
    You can do anything!!

    PS: I'm going to be looking for those zip line pictures soon... HA HA!